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A little About Me




LINDSEY PERRY, Owner | Florist

I am a dreamer. I live my life by these words: "in order to have a happy life, you only need three things: someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to."
I find happiness in these three things and have built a business
rooted in this:
one):  celebrating with others as they find their
'someone to love' 
two):  *this is the most cliche* doing what I love; its not just 'playing with flowers' its so much more, but the connections, purpose and
autonomy are my 
'something to do'
three):  I am a dreamer; I have many unfinished projects; I have goals and aspirations that reach the mountains and the moon. I am never satisfied, but in a way that gives me a positive outlook on life, because I have something to work toward; 'something to look forward to'

the facts, what you really want to know:

*Texas A&M Aggie 
class of '14; BS Agricultural Science, Benz School of Floral Design, Aggie Bonfire and Northgate gave me some great memories
married to my HS sweetheart
Kevin, my person, asked me to be his girlfriend - in the Taco Bell parking lot - my junior year of HS and we've been together ever since. 
coffee is fuel and happiness
but I'm a bit of a weirdo when it comes to my coffee: a good coffee is good black, sugar and cream are only to hide crap-coffee OR to add for fun every now and again. I will order a large coffee and drink it all day. I will also make a coffee any time of day or with any meal. My perfect Saturday morning starts at a coffee shop for a latte!
*fan of all things horror + spooky
my favs are shows like American Horror Story or Haunting of Hill House/Bly Manor... love movies like The Black Phone or The Strangers... Listening to Podcasts like My Fav Murder or Night Owl Podcast
I love a good sunrise
which are you? sunrise or sunset? I'm not a morning person but I love a good sunrise; you have to work for a sunrise. Where I live, I've noticed that many mornings are too foggy or cloudy to see the sunrise; it makes me appreciate a good sunrise.

                      Do we have some things in common? 

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